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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Dr. C Y Peng 彭清約 長老

A Man Practiced Medicine with all Heart


Dr. Peng was not always smiling, but he was all heart. He was a good physician yet better known as an elder who never stopped working with Sunday schools and beyond. Some thought he was a pastor, yet he was more than a pastor. He had helped numerous seminarians go through years of education anonymously. When a pastor finally realized what had happened and came forward to thank him, Peng's reply, “I do not know what you are talking about.” He cured his patients physically and emotionally. He would give money to his poorer patients instead of receiving the fee for his service.

Peng’s life story was included in 楊士養 Rev. Iuⁿ Sū-Ióng’s “The Taiwanese Famous Christians Vol. II.” There was also a special memorial book published by Kaohsiung Shin-Heng Presbyterian Church in 1982. His father was a preacher before entering the seminary and continued to be a pastor more than 30 years throughout the various churches in southern Taiwan. Peng and his two younger brothers graduated from Taiwan Governor’s Medical School (later known as National Taiwan University Medical School) while his elder brother received theological education from Tainan Theological Seminary.

His family members have contributed to Taiwan in such a broad areas, from higher education, medicine and cultures to Christianity. For instance, Peng's son, 明聰, was the Dean of the Medical School, National Taiwan University (NTU); and his nephew, 明敏 was also a professor at the NTU before he exiled to Europe and then to the States due to the KMT house arrest. 彭明敏 soon became the icon of the Taiwan Independent Movement.

Dr. Peng was once asked to run for the mayor of the city of Kaohsiung. He refused. The reason: "Politicians tend to enjoy being served rather than to serve. Jesus' teachings were simply to serve."

Like most great men, Peng endured his family tragedies and somehow those tragedies purified his faith. Throughout his life, especially when his wife passed away unexpectedly, Peng never gave up his faith and his hope for the mankind. He always gave generously to the churches, pastors, and patients but to himself. He had his share of favorite food, but always ate a little and saved for others. He once offered a big piece of land to build a local church and a student center (known as the Luke Hall) near the newly founded Kaohsiung Medical College (高雄醫學院.)
I was honored to work at the Luke Hall with Rev. Owen Bechtel, a Reformed Church missionary, for a few years. I remember Peng told me once, “If we can help build the strong Christian faith among these medical students, the hope is unlimited.”

During the senior year at the seminary, I once became sick. So I came home to rest. My father was a physician too, but he wanted Peng to take a look at me. Peng came and examined me for a while, then he knelt down and prayed. I remember what he said in his prayer, “Lord, this young man is your servant, we’ll tend him, but it is you who will heal him.”

The last time I “encountered” Peng was at his church honored funeral. I led the choir for the funeral process. We sang with tears to Peng’s favorite hymn, O for a Closer Walk with God (Goān goá ná-kiâⁿ kap Chú ná-oá.) At the end of the service, led by the pastors and elders, we began to move on to the burial site. Not surprisingly, we saw many people gathered by the side walks, wearing white clothes, knelt down and wept as if they had lost their father.

Yes, all of us had lost a father of faith indeed. And nobody I have ever come to know has had a closer walk with God than Dr. Peng 彭長老.

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