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Monday, May 12, 2008

Rev. Su-Beng Huang 黃俟命 牧師


"Even though I go through the deepest darkness,
I will not be afraid, Lord, for you are with me..."

Even though he was not as famous as his son, Shoki Coe (黃彰輝牧師), Rev. Su-Beng Huang was a very special pastor. Huang’s father, Chi-Seng (黃誌誠牧師) and son, Sioki Coe had made a team of three-generation pastor, serving Taiwan and throughout the world in the entire 20th century.

A graduate from schools of Lam-a-khe (楠仔坑/楠梓) 1906, Tainan Chang-Jung Middle School (長榮中學) 1909, and Tainan Theological School (台南福音書院/台南神學院) 1913, Huang worked as a teacher at ChangHua elementary school and the local ChangHua church then a minister at Kiam-Chui church (鹽水教會) before accepting the teaching job at Chang-Jung Middle School.

In 1927 Huang was ordained at the East-Gate Church in Tainan (台南東門教會) as the church first pastor while still working at the Chang-Jung Middle School. Three years later, Rev. To-Eng Pan (潘道榮牧師) joined him as an associate pastor, the first church ever in Taiwan to have more than one full time pastor. Rev. Huang also served as the first moderator of the Presbytery of Tainan.

It was during those busy years that Huang experienced the shadow of the valley of the death.

First, his brother Tiau-Siong (調祥,) who studied medicine in Osaka, Japan died in 1923. Then his second son Eng-Hui (永輝) and his wife passed away in 1926. And then his father and his mother-in-law both died in 1927.

Shortly after that, Huang was preaching in a evangelical gathering. His message was “The Comfort of the Lord.” He spoke softly in plan language, directly from his personal experience. It was like sharing his own story of the valley of the death, and how he was comforted by the Lord’s caring hands. The audience was very much moved by his simple talk.

In 1934, Huang paid a surprise visit to his son, Shoki Coe who was studying philosophy at the Tokyo Imperial University. At that time Huang was unemployed. He was forced to resign from the Middle School and the church due to the refusal of following the Japanese religious orders, conducting the Japanese Bible study, and preaching in Japanese at the Taiwanese church.

The father and the son then spent three weeks together studied the Book of Job -- 2 chapters each day to cover forty-two chapters. It was a priceless three-week period between the father and the son; and most likely for both ministers in a soul seeking process.

After Huang returned to Taiwan in 1935, he went to work in Taichung rural area (大肚教會). He continued to serve the church and church related offices till he suffered a stroke in 1940. The last church he served was Oan-Lim (員林教會) near ChangHua where Shoki was born.

Rev. Huang passed away in 1950, shortly after Shoki Coe ( came back from England to lead the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan in general and the Tainan Theological College in particular.

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