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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas, Taiwan!

  • Area : 36,000 square kilometers
  • Population: 23 million
  • Capital : Taipei City
  • Language : Taiwanese/Mandarin/Hakka/Indigenous Languages
  • Religion : Buddhism/Taoism/Christianity/Islam

Like Taiwan, Christmas is mostly about memory. The memory of the way we were celebrating, eating, rejoicing, caroling, and dancing with graceful tears in our eyes…


Like Taiwan, Christmas is green, deep green with the essence of life: the darkness of death. Yet in Jesus, to many, one expected to see life beyond.


Like Taiwan, Christmas is a whisper in our ears. A whisper to you and me as it was to Mary and Joseph. The voice stays long after it was spoken. It stays in our minds, and in our hearts: “Fear not !! I am with you, always...”


Like Taiwan, a solitary island on the western edge of the Pacific Ocean, the first Christmas began with a solitary journey of Mary and Joseph. Facing the unknown future, somehow they were not afraid. They knew one thing for sure: their journey was with God.


“Do not be afraid... Walk with God.”


Merry Christmas to you, Taiwan!


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